Avery McCarthy is a director, cinematographer and photographer specializing in covering complex nonfiction subjects. His debut film, "Brave New Camera" is currently in production and explores the impact of the recent proliferation of cameras on our society. 

McCarthy began his career studying photography at The School of Visual Arts, graduating with a BFA in 2008. He subsequently moved toward filmmaking, directing music videos for independent bands like Starlight Girls, Pep and Teen Girl Scientist Monthly as well as directing and shooting for brands that include Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, TAG Heuer, One.org, Google, McIntosh and others. His work has been featured on The Creators Project, Business Insider, American Photograph Magazine, Musee Magazine, Petapixel, Vantage, Fisheye, Portable.tv, Behance, Armchair/Shotgun, and Style No Chaser.